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Virtual private servers are designed for hosting custom solutions and applications not suitable for conventional web hosting. With a VPS, you will have full control and freedom regarding the server, software, configuration and resources.

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9.16 7.63

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  • SSD storage capacity

    20 GB

  • Traffic

    1 TB

  • Management interface


  • Memory (RAM)

    1 GB

  • Processor (CPU)

    1 core



37.49 31.24

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  • SSD storage capacity

    100 GB

  • Traffic

    3 TB

  • Management interface


  • Memory (RAM)

    6 GB

  • Processor (CPU)

    3 core



70.83 59.02

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  • SSD storage capacity

    150 GB

  • Traffic

    5 TB

  • Management interface


  • Memory (RAM)

    12 GB

  • Processor (CPU)

    4 core

Prices with VAT (22%) Payment:


  • SolusVM management interface
  • Root access
  • Server statistics
  • Changing the root password
  • Multiple OS templates
  • Server power management


  • Traffic graphs
  • Changing the hostname
  • OS re-installation
  • Server remote console
  • Access logs
  • Multiple server management

Operating systems

The VPS comes with the SolusVM management interface, which enables the installation of many different operation systems. This includes various versions of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Suse and Slackware distributions.



To manage the various software packages to be installed on the server and to install/configure the various services, we recommend ordering the world’s most highly rated management software  cPanel with your VPS. If desired, however, you can also install any preferred management software, such as the freeware Webmin.

Our virtual private servers can also be managed via smartphones by installing the iOS or Android version of iSolusVM.


We use first-class Dell PowerEdge and SuperMicro servers equipped with Xeon processors and SAS-RAID10 or SSD-RAID10 disk arrays. Juniper and Cisco network switches.

The servers are housed on Linxtelecom’s Elite level at the Tallinn data centre.


Every package includes the SolusVM management interface.

  • Restarting
  • Re-installation
  • Changing the root password
  • Changing the hostname
  • Use of remote console

Optional additional services

Prices include VAT 20%

Additional IP address

2.08per month

Additional 1 GB RAM

5.83per month

1 additional processor core

10per month

Additional 50 GB storage capacity (HDD, RAID10)

8.33per month

cPanel license

13.33per month

Swap package for a cheaper one


Management (plus cPanel and subscription fee)

57.50per month

Custom services during business hours (min 0.5 h)


Custom services outside of business hours (min 0.5 h)


Prices with VAT (22%)

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