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About us guarantees reliable service

21 years of experience was founded in 2003 as a 100% Estonian capital based company. We are committed to providing the absolute best service and support to all customers as well as making the use of our services as easy and trouble-free as possible.

We offer a variety of Internet-based services. Our main field of activity is the hosting of websites, e-mail addresses and various applications on both virtual and private servers as well as domain registration and maintenance. We are a registrar accredited by the Estonian Internet Foundation (Eesti Interneti SA) and an official partner of the world’s most widely used server management software, cPanel.

One of our main objectives is to offer the best possible customer support. Generally, we answer queries and solve most problems within a matter of minutes – including in the late hours and on non-work days. We believe that long customer support waiting times are unacceptable and guarantee that you will never have to put up with them with! We know that if you have a question, you want it answered quickly and clearly. We always give our full attention to all queries.

High-quality solutions

The idea is simple, but, for one reason or another, many are unable to bring it to life. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not advertise ourselves with “low prices” or “unlimited capacities” so much as offering the best price-to-quality ratio. Our hardware and software are based on global cutting-edge solutions, which ensure smooth operation.

  • Our hardware and software are based on global cutting-edge solutions, which ensure smooth operation.
  • Our servers are housed in a first-class category A data centre with a direct fibre-optic connection to the Estonian Internet traffic centre TTLLIX.
  • The management interface of our virtual servers is based on cPanel – the world’s most popular web hosting management software – which ensures security as well as ease of use.

Excellent performance!

We are proud to state that our server farm is always stable and never overloaded. We have installed a number of security-enhancing measures and solutions to completely prevent any attacks and hacking attempts. This way you can be sure that your website is always running smoothly. We also back up all customer data. To protect against power outages, we use UPS batteries as well as powerful electric generators.

Proof of our excellent performance can be seen in the exceptionally high historical uptime of our services, which is around 99.9%. Our uptime statistics are also publically available at

An honest approach!

No hidden fees – all you ever pay for are the services you have actually ordered. We believe reliability comes from an honest and open approach! We want your experience with us to be positive, which is why we are devoted to offering you the best possible service every day of every week of every year. We are so confident in the quality of our services that we also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Strongest in Estonia

The international credit information company Creditinfo Eesti AS has certified that has archieved a constant A-class credit rating over the last five financial years. A high rating is an indication of excellence: only 3.4% of Estonian companies can claim a contantly high rating.




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