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Web hosting webserver is a solid solution – hosting, e-mail usage, file management and everything else.

  • Multiple domains with one package
  • The most appreciated hosting platform of cPanel
  • Money back guarantee + free migration

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3.68 3.21

per month
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  • SSD storage capacity

    2 GB

  • number of domains


  • free SSL


  • LiteSpeed + LSCache


  • Capability




18.02 15.71

per month
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  • SSD storage capacity

    250 GB

  • number of domains


  • free SSL


  • LiteSpeed + LSCache


  • Capability




36.06 31.42

per month
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  • SSD storage capacity

    500 GB

  • number of domains


  • free SSL


  • LiteSpeed + LSCache


  • Capability


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Prices with VAT (22%) Payment: web hosting

The service consists of a virtual server service package and a domain name. The server can be used for website hosting, e-mail services, storing documents, and more. We offer free website creation and one-click installation of various content management systems, online stores and web applications. For one fixed fee, most packages enable the hosting of several domain names, all of which can hold different content and e-mail addresses. We use cPanel – recognized as the best and most intuitive user interface in the world.

Use of the services is not limited to IT specialists and experts – our solutions are simple and user-friendly.

Reliability, security and ease of use are guaranteed. We are convinced that our service is the best on the market.


  • The micro service package is designed for less demanding users, who do not need high capacity or multi-domain support. At the same time, the service is perfectly functional, highly affordable and an excellent choice for getting started.
  • Service package I, which is our most popular offer, includes everything the average user could require. With this package you can run several websites, use e-mail and make use of the full functionality.
  • For the more demanding user, who has outgrown the resource and capacity limits of service package I, we offer packages II and III, which are similar to service package I in terms of overall functionality.


  • cPanel management interface
  • Excellent and proven uptime
  • Innovative solutions
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Highest security
  • Stable and reliable service
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Efficient customer support
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Pre-installed scripts
  • Domestic service

Multi-domain hosting

For a single monthly fee, you can host multiple domains with separate websites and e-mail addresses. Reduce costs and optimize management!

E-mail web interface

E-mail access guaranteed from anywhere in the world thanks to a practical and highly functional web interface.


We have been devoted to the field for fifteen successful years. We currently host more than eight thousand domain names. We are the recognized specialists in our field.


Absolute excellence. SSD RAID10 disk arrays. Web server LiteSpeed + LSCache cache support. PHP8. MariaDB database engine. Constantly updated infrastructure.

File management

Access to files is guaranteed through multiple means – (S)FTP/SSH, web-based file management and innovative Cloud storage, which makes the virtual server practically a part of the computer’s hard drive.

Management interface

We use cPanel, which is widely considered the world’s best management interface and stands out for its excellent ease of use in addition to full functionality – no specialist help required! The service can also be managed via a mobile application available to both Android and iOS users.

Speeds and capacities

The storage capacities and traffic speeds of the service packages are sufficient for even the most demanding users. If necessary, you can always instantly change your package via our self-service environment. Our virtual servers are capable of running even large information systems.

For application developers

Choose your desired PHP version and change the configuration – we offer support for multiple versions, including the latest 7.4. Create MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. We offer support for Ruby on Rails / Ruby Gems. SSH access, CloudFlare support, GIT version control, DNS record configuration and much more.

Free SSL certificate

All domains receive automatic Let’s Encrypt HTTPS support, which enables the encryption of the connection between the server and the visitors of your website and guarantees website reliability. This also ensures better visibility for your website in the Google search engine.


In essence, a virtual server is a shared server environment, where one physical server is used by multiple customers. In order to prevent the actions or inaction of one customer from interfering with the work of other server users, we use innovative CloudLinux technology, which helps eliminate such scenarios before they become a problem.


All our services are monitored 24 hours a day throughout the year. In the unlikely event of a service interruption, you always can be sure that we are already working on resolving the problem. The components of our servers are duplicated and we use remote consoles, which allows the monitoring and managing of the servers even if should they become inaccessible via the internet for whatever reason. Data connections are also guaranteed.


Backups are created on a daily basis and stored for at least three weeks. If necessary, data can always be recovered from backups independently and conveniently via cPanel completely free of charge!

Anti-virus and anti-spam protection

All e-mail addresses are secured with highly efficient anti-virus and anti-spam protection, which can be readily configured, if desired. In addition, website data is also checked by a malware scanner.


Website protection and speed optimization – a globally recognized solution. Easy activation directly via our management interface.


We have been offering our service for fifteen years. Our historical uptime, i.e. the availability of our services, is 99.9%. This is an excellent result that puts us ahead of our competitors. Our confidence in the stability of our services is such that we even offer public monitoring, available at

Additional security measures

Our management interfaces use traffic encryption and enable the activation of two-step authentication. All our services are ensured through secure connections. Hosted files can be managed through SFTP/SSH. Service servers utilize various security-boosting software packages – for example, KernelCare, CageFS, ModSecurity, MySQL Governor, and more, in addition to CloudLinux. Security is our top priority.


All our customers are given access to a personal virtual server management interface, which enables the real-time creation of e-mail addresses and databases, backup creation and recovery, installation of web scripts, viewing used capacities and logs, and much more. Our solution is based on the world’s most highly rated cPanel software.

Try it now

Try it now – enter the user ID proov and the password kasutaja and click here to open the management interface!


Ease of use

cPanel offers countless functions, but is exceptionally easy to use. Even for inexperienced users. Usable via a mobile application for both Android and iOS users.

Multi-language support

The environment is available in multiple languages.

Website management

Free website creation. One-click installation of web applications. Real-time display of bandwidth usage, various database tools, web-based file manager. Additional possibility of web storage, which enables the management of server-based files as if they were local files.


Choose between three wonderful e-mail web interfaces (RoundCube, Horde, SquirrelMail). Service includes an effective antivirus and a reliable spam filter. In addition, answering machines, forwarders, mailing lists, filter creation, POP3(S)/IMAP(S) and STMP(SSL) support and access, DomainKeys, SPF records.


Backup creation, recovery and management. Password protection of directories. IP-based visitor blocking. Password changing. Two-step authentication.

Web scripts

Most virtual server service packages enable the use of pre-installed script software, which allows the installation of various common freeware applications with a single click. Forums, blogs, portals, content management systems, online stores, photo galleries, project management systems – are all yours for no additional fees!


View in-depth website traffic statistics (Webalizer, Awstats interfaces). Daily, weekly and monthly statistics (e.g., number of visitors, number of queries, keywords used for finding your website through search engines, and more). Separate subdomain and additional domain statistics. Possibility of downloading RAW log files and viewing the error message log. Recent visitor details. Real-time bandwidth usage graphs and tables. Website load graphs.

Web development

Powerful tools for web developers, such as personal error pages, password protected directories, cron jobs, Apache directives, phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin database management interfaces, Ruby on Rails management, and more.

All functions are provided with information and instructions for use.

Free website

Site Publisher functionality allows you to independently create a preliminary simple, but attractive, website.

Choose between various design templates and enter the necessary information to introduce your company.

Your website will be ready in mere minutes!

Automatic installation and management

Our web hosting service users have access to incredibly easy and automated installation and management of nearly two hundred web applications – portals, content management systems, forums, online stores, blogs, photo galleries, project management systems, customer management systems, and more – all in just one click.

Forget solving technical issues and save hundreds, even thousands, of euros!

In addition to installation, the function also includes automatic updates, backups (incl. Dropbox), recovery, importing, cloning, etc. Updates are generally available within a day of release by application developers. Highly efficient!

You have already installed one of the listed applications? All you have to do is import it, after which you can freely use all the benefits of pre-installed scripts. Wish to transfer an application from the server of another service provider? No problem!

Are you using WordPress? Congratulations on making a good choice – in addition to WP updates, we also offer automatic updates for plug-ins and themes.

There is no easier method!

Satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we offer our virtual server service package subscribers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The guarantee period starts from the moment when the virtual server account is set up and the necessary information is forwarded to the customer’s e-mail address and ends after 30 days.

Customers have the right to terminate the agreement and request a full refund by sending an e-mail with the corresponding application to customer service within 30 days of account setup.

Upon receipt of the application, the service shall be terminated and the amount paid for the web hosting service shall be returned to the customer.


Paid fees are not refundable if the customer has violated the terms of the agreement. Refunds shall also not cover any third-party service fees (e.g., domain and certificate registration fees).

1. Reliability services are used by thousands of domestic as well as foreign enterprises and organisations. We started our business in 2003 and are specialised in one single field – web hosting. is an 100% Estonian capital based sustainable company.

2. Honest approach

The statistics on the reliability, i.e. uptime, of our servers is fully public. We provide due notification of all planned maintenance work and potential interruptions. All of the prices listed are final with no hidden added fees.

3. Best price-quality ratio

Using services allows you to save money without sacrificing quality. Our business plan consists of always offering a high-quality service at the actual price level. Our virtual server service package prices start at slightly over two euros per month and our cheapest service package – micro – is more than sufficient for first-time users. For hosting custom applications and solutions, we offer virtual private servers (cloud server, VPS) and private servers. pre-installed scripts enable you to create your own website completely free of charge. None of our competitors can beat us on functionality!

4. Satisfaction guarantee

Try our web hosting services completely risk free! If you are not satisfied, we will offer you a full refund within thirty days of subscribing.

5. Professional customer service

If you ever run into any technical problems or just need consultation, you can be sure that customer support will provide you with clear answers – generally, in a matter of minutes.

6. Fast and stable performance

Our servers and other equipment are located in the best server center in Estonia (Linxtelecom) and have a direct fiber-optic connection to both the telecommunication provider as well as the Tallinn Internet Exchange (TLLIX). Our servers are first-class, because we only use the world’s best hardware and software solutions – Dell, SuperMicro, Cisco, Juniper and cPanel, to name but a few. All data is regularly backed up in both real time (duplicated disk arrays) as well as on separate, geographically dispersed backup servers.

7. Proven reliability

Websites hosted on our servers as well as related services are always available – the average historical uptime of our servers is a whopping 99.9%! This is no empty promotional claim, but a proven fact – for public monitoring, visit

8. Practical management interface

All our virtual server packages enable the use of the cPanel management interface, which makes it incredibly easy for users to personally manage e-mail accounts, subdomains, FTP accounts, spam filters, databases and log files, as well as view detailed traffic statistics, install various web applications, and much more.

9. Anti-virus and anti-spam protection

Virtually all viruses and most spam e-mails are identified immediately upon entering our e-mail servers – this saves users a lot of valuable time. It also ensures that our customers’ websites are protected from infected and dangerous web scripts. In addition, we offer CloudLinux and CloudFlare support.

10. What are our customers saying?

We are proud to be so highly valued by our customers. Nearly all new customers join us based on recommendations from our existing customers. We are grateful for any feedback!

Switching hosts

Your website and e-mail addresses are hosted by another service provider? You have seen the services we offer and have decided to switch over to us? You are not sure how to proceed?

It’s very simple, here is what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to our service.
  2. Wait for our instructions, which will be sent to your e-mail address.
  3. Move the data from your previous service provider to our server (files, databases). If necessary, consult the creator/administrator of your website or our customer support (see also below).
  4. Create the required e-mail accounts, subdomains, etc. via the cPanel management interface.
  5. Notify your previous service provider of switching hosts.
  6. Wait until the domain is established in the server.

And you are done! Subscribe here ››

Satisfaction guarantee! Remember that if you are not satisfied with our web hosting service for any reason, you have the right to a full refund within 30 days of subscribing!

If you should run into problems while migrating your website data, feel free to contact our customer service – we will do everything we can to help.

Note! From some service providers, we can migrate your data fully and FREE OF CHARGE (incl. e-mails).

Website data and e-mail migration

There are several options for migrating your website. Generally, this is done by the creator or administrator of the website. However, you can also order the service from us, in which case, if your previous service provider is using cPanel software, we will do it completely free charge (and can also transfer all of your data, incl. e-mails)!

If your website uses a freeware platform (such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), the migration can be done automatically, by using our wonderful pre-installed scripts’ functionality.

For instructions on e-mail migration, see here.

We also recommend consulting our customer support – we will find the most suitable solution for you and can generally also help you make the transition.

cPanel screenshots.

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Optional additional services

Data recovery via cPanel

0.00 /instance

Data recovery by customer support

25 /instance

Dedicated IP address

4.99 /month

Custom services during business hours

60 /hour

Custom services outside of business hours

90 /hour

E-mail sending limit: 500/h

4.17 /month

Prices with VAT (22%)

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