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Register a domain name

Depending on the extension, domains can be registered for a minimum of one year and for up to ten years, after which the registration needs to be renewed. Enter your desired domain name and find out whether it can be registered. You can also transfer existing domain registrations to our servers.

Prices with VAT (20%)
Prices with VAT (20%)

Additional options

All domains are registered in the name of the customer and settings (incl. name servers, WHOIS records, authorisation code) can be managed via the self-service environment.

DNS management


E-mail forwarding


ID protection


.ee re-registration


Prices with VAT (20%)

Additional information

Regarding special characters

E-mail may not function in the case of domains with special characters, since most e-mail servers lack such support.

Name servers name servers are, and

If you only wish to use the DNS management and/or e-mail forwarding service without web hosting, you must set the name servers of the domain to,, and


Domains are registered for a limited period of time and the usage rights need to be renewed accordingly. Upon expiry of a domain, all related services are cancelled, including the website and e-mail. In order to avoid problems due to expiry, we recommend renewing the domain usage rights in due time. Renewal requires paying the related invoice, which shall be sent to your designated e-mail address one month before expiry. Expired domains can still be renewed within a set period of time. The exact conditions depend on the domain extension. The time of expiry shall be set according to the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) time zone (Estonia: GMT +2/+3).

We are an accredited registrar of .ee domains

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